STUDIO TIME: $50 per hour (Engineer incl.)

Our staff can produce a large variety of outcomes. The owner can use his skills as a musician - producer - and engineer - to develope a full blown professional Demo that you can pitch to Record labels for a minimum of $350.  Additionally - there are packages that we have available that can include studio musicians, photographers, and even CD production after your project is complete. Click HERE to see our Packages.  

MIXING: Call for a Quote

Tributary Studio can mix your project. We have the capability to transfer in your existing project and mix the project using our systems. Call us for availability and a quote. 

MASTERING: $40-$150 per song depending on the project

Tributary Studio can Master your project with our unique approach. This process will include using gentle Compression along with many different effects to make your project have more presence as well as clarity. Mastering can be specific as well. For example - if your song is going to be played on the radio - then we can specifically Master the song so that it is optimal for the platform or enviroment.


Our base rate full production -  is $500 per song which would include an engineer/producer. Studio musicians are additional. Click HERE to see our package prices.

Summer Street Productions

Kennesaw Georgia

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